Thursday, July 26, 2007

the last saga of my favorite number

July is my most awaited month of the year... I expect something good most especially on the days which date has a 7.. the first 2 was really great... I really had a great time dealing with the moment that happened during those times.. But the latest was not that good... haay... how will I be able to survive all this things... I am actually suffering from this for about 4 to 5 years... I can't help looking back on the days that i found the happiness that i thought happiness... but as days goes by, i realized that it can not be found in just a single click... effort must be exerted.... two days ago, i had a realization about what someone told me... and i am really considering it right now.. i just pray that the Lord almighty will guide me in whatever journey that i will take... that i will be happy... for anyone who will be able to read this, thanks for your time... God bless you.. and yngat parati....


rOah said...

♥.. hi sir!!juz wanna dr0p some comment for you..hahaha..
♥.I really luv your subject..
♥..its so amazing and awesome!!..
♥..hope you could teach us the lesson that we've copied yesterday..
♥..that's all..

♥.,.yaOn lng..♥

xo♥.cherry rOa redOndo.♥xo

NoNi said...

muzta po Sir!

mahirap po ba LeSson this 2nd QuArter?

...eto na Po Huling quarter NaTin.Sna maging MaaYos..

Salamat po sa lahat..

YUn LAng po...

NoNiLoN C. De VeRa Jr

About me said...

Edson Manalo Jamora of IV-Unity
♦hi sir b0tis..our lesson is very interesting..

and our subject makes me feel so good and some times very haggard,.hahaha!!
♠lahat yan kayang kaya..khit sabi ng iba mahirap commonsense lng yan panis....
ghe p0..salamatsa lahat sir botis!!!
ur d best Engineer hahaha..